Please read comments from some of the owners and dogs that I have helped (Paper copies of all testimonials are avaliable on request):

 "We approached Adrian last year for some help when our over exuberant new puppy grew into himself and walking him became a hellish nightmare for all of us.With weekly expert advice form Adrian and Tasha at obedience classes Charlie settled down and surprised us. Things became difficult again over the past few months when Charlie started to develop people aggression and recall problems when interacting with other dogs which caused the daily walks to become a task that was dreaded. One private session with Adrian saw us overcome both the problems with recall and the aggressive behaviour. The training was simple and easy to conduct and we had an instant visible result. My partner , Charlie and I now enjoy stress free walks in the countryside. I would sincerely recommend and trust ABC for Dogs" - Miss W , Chatham. 

"....The aggression ,at home, to visitors has pretty much disappeared. Our postie, window cleaners etc. have all commented on the fact and have even been in the kitchen with both dogs sitting calmly beside them. Our house cleaner called it a miracle!. Both dogs are very calm and settled.

Overall the transformation has been fantastic, they appear much happier,we are much happier and they have become a pleasure to have again and I hope they think the same thing..." - Mrs B - Farnborough

"Just wanted to say thank you for all the help with Cooper. After applying your technics Cooper is a different dog. She stays in the park and plays with other dogs now instead of running off completely.

Your session gave us so much confidence and I now feel like a proud parent, especially when friends comment on how well behaved she is." Mrs B, Rochester.

  "I would like to thank you for all the help you gave us with Dottie, everything you showed us has been so easy to put into place and she has already picked it up so quickly. It has only been 2 days but already she is a different dog we have no jumping, no nipping and she is walking perfectly by our sides at all times. It was amazing how easy it was to change things. I never realised how easy it was to keep a dog in line until you showed us and it is doing simple things that fit into every day life.

You have been brilliant , thank you very much."- Mrs B, Gravesend.

"You would be so proud,Hattie is doing really well, but she does still think she is a human on 4 legs!. I walk her off lead now and she tends to stay with me, if she wanders off she quickly returns if she cant see me and will also come back if I call her. She has also calmed down a lot, will even lie on the floor of the local pub now.!!!" - Mrs L , Sevenoaks
 "Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advice you gave us and Wish on your visit. We, as a family have taken everything on board and Wish seems to be taking to them as well. We went to the park yesterday afternoon, and for the first time really enjoyed the walk. Thank you again for your time and help" - Mrs H, Rochester. 

"Thank you so much for all your advice and help. Abby is a much better behaved dog, she definately knows that she is at the bottom of the pack and has a lot more respect for us. She is well behaved when we go for walks and she has come back to us in situations where she wouldn't have before." - Mrs J Gravesend.

"Thank you for all your assistance,still have the odd moment but hey she is a Spaniel after all! Friends and family say she is a different dog now. once again thank you." - Mr J , Gillingham.

These are just some of the comments and references from owners and dogs that we have helped with problems ranging from recall isssues to aggression. We have many more testimonials avaliable on request.