Dog Behaviour Problems

As a qualified dog behaviourist  I combine my training experience with my  knowledge of behaviour to help owners overcome and understand their dogs issues.

Dog behaviour can be cute and endearing or it can be destructive or drive you up the wall. In most cases, behavior problems are really communication problems. When you stop to think about it, it's amazing humans and dogs can live together at all. Besides being totally different animals, we also see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the world very differently -- and process it all through a very different brain.
  Back when dogs were wild, actions like chewing, scent-marking, and barking weren't an issue. Now that dogs are a regular part of human families, these natural behaviors can become problem behaviors. That means we have to shape a dog's natural behaviour so it fits in with polite society -- what we might call teaching a dog good manners.

These problems are solved on a one to one basis when I attend your home and design a structured reformation programme specifically for you and your dog. I also supply a free telephone or email back up  service to supplement your behaviour problem programme.

Due to the high quality of my work and as a full member of the CFBA I am recognised by Pet Insurance to accept vet referrals for behavioral issues. If your pet insurance policy covers behavioral issues you may be able to claim back my fees, whereby all you will have to pay is your excess. For further information please click here.

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